Friday, October 31, 2014

Character Blog Tour

It's a blog tour! This is your opportunity to get to know some wonderful work by authors and illustrators focusing on the children's book market. If you follow the trail back and forward, your in for a real treat. Enjoy! Here's a taste from my novel.

What is the name of your character?

Where is the story set?
The Seven Tales of Omar, is a novel that takes place in Jerusalem, Petra, and Alexandria. 

What should we know about him?
The Seven Tales of Omar is a story from his journal.

What messes up his life?
He sets out on a journey and gets kidnapped!

What is the personal goal of your character?
To convince his captors to release him.

Is there more we can read about The Seven Tales of Omar?
It's still a work in progress, but I hope you can read it when it gets published. There's food, animals and travel, no surprise to those who know me. 

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Thank you to Patricia Keeler for inviting me to join the tour. Read about her "scrappy" characters and her work in progress picture book WISH by visiting her blog

Now I'd like to introduce you Vicky! I LOVE her artwork. It's smart and funny.

Vicky Rubin is an author/illustrator who does wonderful, humorous artwork. She's at work on a new book, and you can read about it on the next stop of this blog tour CLICK HERE.

Both Vicky and my art will be on view at Dickens: A Celebration In Pictures, a selection of work from the original Dickens' bicentennial exhibit on view at the Poe Park Visitor Center in the Bronx February 3 - 21, 2015. Just in time for Dickens' birthday!
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