Monday, June 15, 2015


I've curated another CBIG EXHIBIT- Twenty one artists come together to illustrate FAIRY TALES! On view at the Brooklyn Central Library June 11 through September 25, 2015.
And join me in conversation with Michael Patrick Hearn, children's literary historian Saturday,  September 19 at 2pm about the history and relevance of fairy tales today.

Angelique Anderson, Lisa Cinelli, Deborah Cuneo, Maria Madonna Davidoff, Diana Ting Delosh, Nancy Doniger, Laura Goetz,  Amalia Hoffman, Melissa Iwai, Yuko Katakawa, Kitty Leech,  Marie McCann, Virginia Law Manning, Jennifer Merz, Donna Miskend, Christine Mix, Annie Raulerson, Roberta Rivera, Karen Romagna, Vicky Rubin, Wallace West

Programs:Saturday, September 19 at 2pm Info Commons Room, 1st floor
special guest Michael Patrick Hearn

VENUE:  BROOKLYN CENTRAL LIBRARY   10 Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11238
hours  Mon - Thurs. 9am-9pm    Fri-Sat 9am - 6pm    Sun 1pm - 5pm
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Google or HopStop

Free and open to the public
web site:

A Talk with Exhibiting Artists Here 

This exhibit and programming is underwritten by the Brooklyn Public Library.

Master Storytellers Exhibit extended through June 27
at the Poe Park Visitor Center 
2540 Grand Concourse, Bronx 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Master Storytellers Events Highlights

Here are some event highlights for the Master Storytellers exhibit. EXHIBIT EXTENDED due to popular demand, through June 27, 2015On view at 
Poe Park Visitor Center 2540 Grand Concourse, Bronx 718.365.5516
Michael Patrick Hearn and me
 A panel discussion with Michael Patrick Hearn about the illustrations on view and the master storytellers represented: the brothers Grimm, Edgar Allan Poe, Mother Goose and more.
Artist panel discussion with myself, Hyo Kim, Nancy Doniger, Carol   Klio Burrell, Dave Kopka
Hyo Kim and Nancy Doniger
Exhibiting Artists: Angelique Anderson, Carol Klio Burrell, Lisa Cinelli, Nancy Doniger, Delphine Henault, Melissa Iwai, Yuko Katakawa, Dave Kopka, Candace Lee, Katherine Leech, Robin Meeks, Donna Miskend, Christine Mix, Clare Pernice, Roberta Rivera, Vicky Rubin, Shruti Sharma, Cheryl Taborsky.
Dave Kopka 
Kitty Leech
Yuko Katakawa, artwork top

Roberta Rivera demo of pen and; ink
Roberta Rivera giving a workshop in pen and ink for all ages, and vegetable printing for kids.
pen and ink workshop

pen and ink workshop
vegetable printing w/Roberta

Donna Miskend, curator/artist
Pinnochio Cards, artwork background copyright artists
Workshop with me for school class of 1st graders making pop-up cards based on Pinnochio
Pinnochio Cards
Pinnochio Cards
Pinnochio Cards
I also did a similar public workshop with kids using Humpty Dumpty cards for Mother's Day. Unfortunately I lost all my photos, but one of the kids made 2 because she didn't want to give away her first one!   
Lucy Aponte, artwork copyright artists
Lucy Aponte of Poe Park Visitor Center giving kids a tour of the exhibit. She reviews different styles, materials and relates the work to the stories they know, such as Cheryl's work, Hickory Dickory Dock from Mother Goose.