Monday, September 17, 2012

Dickens Event Day Sept. 13

The day started with 59 kids in the story time.
Followed by 32 kids in the craft session and an explosion of glitter. This is a substitute photo, there was no time to take a picture!

The calm after the storm. The library staff was amazing - not a spec of glitter anywhere!
Wallace West demonstrating Dickens Character drawing

Wish I had taped the panel discussion!
Panel discussion guests:Betsy Bird, Catherine Robson, Mike J. Quinn 

Carol talks about layout for comic books using Great Expectations text as the theme.
Comic Book Art demo, Carol Burrell a.k.a Klio
Another illustration demo with Wallace 
Wallace West demonstrating his illustration process

  Performance Reading  
Friends of Dickens waiting to perform and Mike J. Quinn 

Mike J. Quinn
The next Day of Dickens Event day is October 13!
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