Friday, August 31, 2012


The exhibit is up and looks great, thanks to Susan Kart, Yonkers Riverfront Gallery Curator and Emalyne Feitshans, (student at Sarah Lawrence College and an artist herself) both worked tirelessly on the aesthetics of the exhibit right down to the bookmarks with the event day schedules and book displays. The library: Susan Thaler, Branch Mgr., Steve Force, Director, James Hackett, The Yonkers Public Library Foundation, custodians and staff, have given CBIG a warm welcome. Additional thanks goes out to the Morgan Library and Museum for the images of Dickens at his podium and the facsimile of a page from A Christmas Carol of a ghost encounter with Dickens handwritten notes, Esther Raushenbush Library, Sarah Lawrence College, Pam Horovitz and Hudson River Museum for loaning books and support for the programming.
Meanwhile, here are some great u-tube videos I found while doing the research for this exhibit:

Simon Callow on Dickens as a performer

Ruth Richardson on Dickens and the Workhouse (interesting new info she discovered with scenes of modern day streets that are in his novels)

Ralph Fiennes' reading performance with the ceremony to show how Dickens is honored in the UK: Royal couple Prince Charles and Camilla visit Charles Dickens's grave at Westminster Abbey, Ralph Fiennes reading from Bleak House

animated ghost stories from the Pickwick Papers

A short oral bio on Dickens

An animated bio on Dickens

Dickens' great, great grandson, an actor himself, performs A Christmas Carol excerpt and spcomments on Dickens as a writer. 

How Dickens has influenced our language BBC:

They're fun and interesting!