Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Environment-EARTH DAY

It's EARTH DAY, and a good time to highlight a post from last year about illegal logging and how you can help.

A single tree can be worth $10,000. The real cost is the effect on our environment as rainforests help to regulate climate. Yes, they also provide unique food sources and drugs, but what about the effects on the animals, endangering species and destroying their habitats? The changes eventually effect us as a species too. How can you make a difference? Buy sustainable wood, and only wood from a company that is transparent in it's sourcing and follows best environmental practices. To learn more about this issue and a company that works to thwart illegal logging, watch the video about Rainforest ConnectionThey can use your old cell phones to help combat the problem. Get involved - before you upgrade your phone as a trade in, consider donating your old cell phones to them HERE

Classic stories by Hans Christian Andersen, Edgar Allan Poe, the Brothers Grimm and more master storytellers' books illustrated by children's book artists.

Visit for a glimpse at some of the artwork on view and a conversation with participating artists.

ALSO  and here for a schedule.

Schedule of events:
Saturday April 11
12pm - Artist panel with Nancy Doniger, Hyo Taek Kim, Carol Klio Burrell, Dave Kopka moderated by Donna Miskend
The panel event is over, but go to the conversations blog link above for a talk with the artists.

1pm - A conversation with Michael Patrick Hearn
The interview event is over, but check follow the conversations blog for a full discussion with Michael Patrick Hearn, coming soon. 

Saturday May 30 at 11am - 12 open to the public

Learn Pen and Ink with Roberta Rivera

April/May school groups are scheduled with Carol Burrell, Donna Miskend and Lucy Aponte of the Poe Park Visitor Center.
The exhibition is underwritten by the NYC parks department.