Monday, December 8, 2014

Environment- Enviro-Cycle - cell phones

Periodically I will post information about great causes you can support, important awareness issues, and how you can make a difference related to the environment and animals.

In today's post the topic is deforestation due to illegal logging. I was saddened and angry that so much illegal activity continues to thrive. Consumer demand for exotic wood found in the rainforests is big business. According to one account I read, a single tree can be worth $10,000. The real cost is the effect on our environment as rainforests help to regulate climate. Yes, they also provide unique food sources and drugs, but what about the effects on the animals, endangering species and destroying their habitats? The changes eventually effect us as a species too. How can you make a difference? Buy sustainable wood, and only wood from a company that is transparent in it's sourcing and follows best environmental practices. To learn more about this issue and a company that works to thwart illegal logging, watch the video about Rainforest ConnectionThey can use your old cell phones to help combat the problem. Get involved - before you upgrade your phone as a trade in, consider donating your old cell phones to them HERE