Monday, March 18, 2013

Morgan Library Annual Book Project

I can't believe it's already been a year since I participated in The Morgan Library Book Project award judging. Last year I read stories about the surprise of the birth of hamsters from a 3rd grader to a fantasy story by a 7th grader. This year my group was 3rd and 4th grade. There was everything from a description of a field trip to Haiku poetry. The artwork is amazing and the stories are quite impressive.

The kids learn to make their own illustrated manuscript book using real materials provided by the Morgan Library Museum. After learning about the process and visiting the real thing at the museum they are ready to create their own book with the assistance of their teachers. The kids make their paint from scratch, crushing saffron for yellow, or cochineal beetles for red (ooh, how cool is that!) and other materials in a mortar and pestle and add the binder. They even get to use gold leaf! It's such a wonderful experience for them, and I feel privileged to participate and see all of their creations.  Click HERE to see last year's award winners. And I will update this blog with this year's winners around the first week of April when the Morgan Library posts the results. The awards have been expanded and more work from the award winners will be exhibited in the museum this year, so I will have the info here. It will be well worth a trip to see the books in person as the photos don't do them justice.

Here are photos from the award ceremony this year. Some of the books are on display through April 18. click HERE